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Call for Poetry Submissions

High Five Productions is proud to announce the upcoming publication of a poetry anthology, with contributions that are solely created by and for Black Mothers.  


We would like to connect with you and provide the platform for your creativity as a Black mother in the city of Pittsburgh. Through negative media portrayal and cultural stigmas, Black voices are historically silenced; especially those of our mothers in the Black community. So we aim to provide a platform for you to be heard - whether the topic be generally communicating your unique experience, highlighting both the rewards and struggles of motherhood, or even just a fun piece on something you love - whatever you'd like to express through poetry, we are here to listen.


Our yet-to-be-named poetry anthology is a special opportunity to showcase your unique poetic expression, with the purpose of uplifting Black Mothers of our community. We believe that this project will provide strength and support to not just Black Mothers, but to all women and mothers everywhere.


Upon the Spring release of this anthology, we would like to hold an event to showcase the project, and allow our community to come listen to and celebrate your art. 


We invite you to submit up to 5 poems for consideration using the form linked below. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your submissions!

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