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Five Questions: Lyn Starr

Lyn Starr’s new EP Tierra released on December 11th, beginning what he describes as a new era in his career. Until now, Lyn's projects have rarely deviated from the lyrical Hip Hop he came up in. On Tierra, Lyn finally showcases his singing voice and sounds extremely polished in both R&B and Hip Hop genres. In the first episode of our new Five Questions series... we ask Lyn five questions that will give you a bit of an insight into his artistry and his future plans.

HF: On "Tierra Whack" you say something along the lines of this being a new era. How has Tierra changed your artistry?

LS: The project has changed my trajectory honestly. I feel like the direction I’ve been going for years is more of a Hip Hop, lyrical artist. Just driving home with the lyrics. But this project has changed it from that to driving with the vocals and just being a vocalist, experiencing the world of R&B in some natures. Of course, I still got that Hip Hop and some of that raw spitting and rapping, but Tierra has just made me face a little bit more of the sentimental and sensitive side.

Photo by Visionary Media

HF: What was your inspiration for Tierra?

LS: My main inspiration is Tierra Whack. Her project Whack World was so dope to me. 15 songs each being a minute, running through all these ideas. But they were so good and put together. And I was like “Man, I wanna do that shit”. I like fast-paced songs. So, she inspired this piece but then it grew into more. Tierra means ‘Earth’. So to me, I’m grounded and I’m back to my roots. I’m back singing again, I’m back making all types of sounds, not just one. I’m not being that one-trick pony.

HF: If you could collaborate with anyone right now who would it be?

LS: Man, that question is hard. I have a list… a plethora of people I would love to collaborate with. Tobi Lou, Smino, Noname cause she’s hard… Tierra Whack obviously, I named a whole EP after her. Did I say SiR?... Kendrick! Bro, if I got a Kendrick feature… Drake too. But my pinnacle would be Andre 3000. If I had a verse from three stacks… I’m golden. He’s one of the best rappers walking and who has walked.

HF: Can you explain the impact of nostalgia on Tierra?

LS: So I talked about how this project has taken me back to my roots, being a singer starting at age 10. But this question has layers. The reason why there’s so much nostalgia in this project is that I'm releasing something far down the line called Hoopties and Teslas. "Hoopties" is where I’ve been and "Teslas" is where I’m trying to go. So "Hoopties" gives me this old vibe, like an old Cadillac vibe. I’m thinking of how would I feel in a hooptie and how have I felt in a hooptie? It's always been nostalgic, it takes me to the 90s. These songs take me to the 90s. So much so, that Ayyooo has that 90s beat and Hold On has that 90s soul. These things to me are where I came from. Yeah, Tierra is all about the hooptie. Living in the hooptie and enjoying riding in that hooptie.

HF: Do you have any visuals planned for Tierra?

LS: Yes. I have two videos. I don't know if there are going to be more, that’s something that will probably roll out later. I have one for "Hold On" and one for "Ayyooo". And I’m excited. We’re working with Visionary Media for both of those… we’ll be doing a lot more with Visionary Media coming up, just to give you a sneak peek. But yeah, we got two videos coming out and you guys will be surprised.

Five Questions is a Youtube interview series by High Five Productions, asking artists five questions we need to know the answers to. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to make sure you get a notification when the next episode of this series releases!

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