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Gia Fagnelli: Featured Artist

"Transmitting amalgams throughout the galaxy creating a uniquely augmented reality." - Gia Fagnelli

Gia Fagnelli's bio ended with the words above. Without a doubt, it's the coolest description I've ever gotten of someone's artistry. 'Amalgam' is the perfect word to describe Gia's work, which bridges galaxies of drag, sex work, video art, soundscapes, installation art, and many forms of movement. Up until today's feature, I've written primarily about artists I already know. Until Princess Jafar put me on, I had never heard of Fagnelli, or their brand of multi-dimensional art. Here's what I've learned and what I'm looking forward to!

Photo by Princess Jafar

Gia Fagnelli is a 3rd generation yinzer and they are the current reigning Mx Innovative Erotic City. Fagnelli has shown work at the CMOA, Miami Beach Art Basel, Kelly Strayhorn Theatre, House of Yes and has been featured in VICE, Autostraddle, Argot Magazine, and most notably: at Check out Bjordan's music video for PASSING LIGHTS below to check out some of Gia's work. This video was directed by Princess Jafar and edited by Gia Fagnelli.

On top of these accomplishments, Gia has a debut coming very soon. On October 10th, they will be premiering "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning", the first episode of The Exorcism Exhibition. The Exorcism Exhibition began as an hour-long collection of video art paired with live performances created around the time that Fagnelli's father died. When asked about the premiere, they said, "It's a lot of never before seen work - some that's recognizable if someone's seen enough of my live performances from 2018, now reimagined as digital drag + video art pieces. Creating this work was my way of understanding the death, complex grief, and intergenerational curses I was bearing witness to- both in my family and throughout the US."

Photo by The Childlike Empress

Fagnelli further explains, "Quarantine has helped me realize that it makes perfect sense to release in a digital format, this time in 30-minute episodes.  Episode One features Louisianna Purchase who made the top three in the third season of Dragula, the most popular horror and alternative drag competition series.  I was also able to collaborate with Jordan Harris of Pittsburgh + Austin TX who is a powerhouse of a movement artist.  These new collaborations really bring this slow-cooked piece to the next level and I'm so grateful to have their talents incorporated into this work.  It sends a literal thrill through me to even think that I am so close to publishing this collection - it has been over 2 years in the making!"

Gia describes The Exorcism Exhibition as "astringent" meant to "bring things to the surface, to confront our own reality and the impact it has on the world, the way we are all interconnected, and simultaneously the human experience is steeped in profound solitude." Episode One of the Exorcism Exhibition will be available on Princess Jafar's Vimeo channel and a $7 offering (@giafagnelli on Venmo, $giafagnelli on Cashapp) bestows the password to experience Gia Fagnelli's one-of-a-kind spiritual cleanse.  

(CW for Episode One: discussions of death, some scenes of blood and gore.)

Gia would like to thank Princess Jafar, Louisianna Purchase, and Jordan Harris for making this vision truly come to life.

Anyone interested in bookings, commissions, or collaborations can email Gia at

Until The Exorcism Exhibition premieres on October 10th you can support Gia Fagnelli on the following platforms!


Thank you for reading.

- Ryan

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