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INEZ: Featured Artist

"If you keep hoarding that truth in your ideas, you'll never let it float to the heart it's meant to touch." - @MusiqalProdigy (INEZ)

It's been almost a year since INEZ closed the Pittsburgh's Very Own concert without having an album out. When "Voicemails and Conversations" finally dropped in December of 2019, there was no denying INEZ's superstar status in Pittsburgh and the incredibly bright future that is in store. I'm not sure I've heard an independently released project this impeccably produced and performed. INEZ's voice commands your attention and soothes your soul simultaneously. INEZ, a Cum Laude, Berklee College of Music alumna, is a musical polymath for singing, music production, arranging, songwriting, drumming, and audio engineering.That's why I had to pause for a second when I scrolled past this tweet from INEZ.

The first sentence says so much about the artist that INEZ is. There are thousands of changes she would still make to perfect her debut artistic statement. She also understands that "Voicemails and Conversations" is just the beginning of the INEZ story. This project has touched so many people already because she didn't hoard it and keep tweaking those 3000 things. "If you keep hoarding that truth in your ideas, you'll never let it float to the heart it's meant to touch," is a statement that I will certainly be living my life by from here on out.

Photo by Erin Allport
Photo by Erin Allport

Proud Homewood resident, Pittsburgh native, and self-proclaimed FireShorty™️, INEZ (Danielle Walker) is a multi-faceted artistic Renaissance woman. The nurtured product of two musical parents, INEZ developed an intense love of all things music and audio. INEZ credits music, faith and family as her biggest motivators, citing them as the reason she has been able to continue her craft, despite traumatic life events and hardships.

Photo by Matt Palichat
Photo by Matt Palichat

In 2019, INEZ not only performed on stage at Hartwood Acres Amphitheater, Mr. Smalls Theatre (for Pittsburgh’s Very Own 2), and the Thunderbird Cafe, she also graced the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper. As I mentioned before, INEZ released her debut album in December 2019, an audio diary of her navigation of love and growth as a Black woman; “Voicemails and Conversations”. So, you need to go listen to that project now!! Click the photo below!

Before you listen to the project straight through, go watch this music video for the song "Get It Off Your Chest" that features a heartfelt prelude to the album, with INEZ thanking her family right before she plays the album for them.

INEZ recently started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support her next big steps. Check that campaign out here and support her artistry! INEZ's artistry is an incredible gift we have right here in Pittsburgh. I write a feature every month talking about our city's seemingly endless talent. But Pittsburgh artists, listen to INEZ. "If you keep hoarding that truth in your ideas, you'll never let it float to the heart it's meant to touch." So create your masterpieces, wrap them up with a huge bow, and send them into the world. Our city only continues to grow musically if you do. Let us have your work! It's ready!

Keep up with INEZ!

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Thank you reading.

- Ryan

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