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James Perry: Featured Artist

"I would say James Perry is someone who lives and breathes art. Someone who wakes up figuring out how he's gonna get closer and closer to his goal of taking over the world..." -James Perry

I joined High Five about a year after the release of the Rap Addicts collab tape. All I can say is, this mixtape is part of what made me want to be a part of this company. I listened to it when it dropped and texted Lyn to tell him how impressed I was. But I also told him that I was blown away by James Perry. His rapping on cuts like "What A Time", "Guaponese", and "Fire Squad" was unlike anything I had heard up to that point. Really unique flows and his singing was on point. James also dropped so many quotables on this tape.. from "Ain't no limits for the almighty dollar, we been smoking so much weed that we embody hiiipower," to "how y'all n---- tryna ball with us, they don't even got a Igoudala."

Nearly three years later, James Perry is still killing the game. His artistry has grown and evolved since Rap Addicts. Now a 21 year old, James recently released an EP called ONTHEFLY! under the collaborative group Lokal Foreners. ONTHEFLY! is a collection of songs he’s been working on for over 2 years and includes what might be my favorite track from James, "Pie." This track features autotuned singing and a hook that is just *chef kiss emoji*. He is set to be releasing another EP first quarter of next year and a full length project next summer. You can find the album below as well as two Triller videos that were used to promote the EP.

It's not only raps though! James is also in the process of studio recording his very first screenplay that premiered in December 2018 called In the End, There Will Be Tears. This show discussed the topics of local art and suicide. James just recently starred in Alumni Theater Company’s version of Stew and Heidi’s Passing Strange in which he was the narrator.

James lives and breathes art and it's obvious through his own projects and his work with Alumni Theater Company that he is extremely talented at what he does.

To find out more about James, follow his social media!

Instagram: @reppartsemal_


Twitter: @5sideperry

Triller: @perry.perry.perry

Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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