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Jordan Snowden: Featured Artist

In one of my college courses, we had a discussion around the question "What makes an artist?" Everyone had to come up with their own criteria and convince the class that they were correct. The descriptions varied so greatly and we came to understand that the term 'artist' contains incredible breadth and depth. I prefer to define an artist as "someone who expresses themselves through their choice of medium". That is the point of this monthly blog series. To feature artists from a vast array of specialities and give their artistry the recognition it deserves. With that being said, this month we are proud to feature Pittsburgh City Paper's Jordan Snowden.

Jordan is a writer and editor based in Pittsburgh. Since August 2018, she has been a staff writer, responsible for curating the music coverage, at alt-weekly Pittsburgh City Paper, which earned her a 2019 Golden Quill Award nomination. Before that, she wrote for the now-defunct D.C. Music Download and was a writer and editor for EDM site,

When asked specifically about the City Paper's music section, Jordan said, "I'm always trying to expand/improve it. This is a little challenging with the quarantine, but I'm working on ideas to boost it once everything is *semi* back to normal." Speaking for all local artists, we are incredibly appreciative of the time and dedication Jordan has for Pittsburgh musicians and their craft. Since joining the City Paper, Jordan's output of local music coverage has been extensive. Providing readers with a variety of articles, series, and reviews, Jordan curates Pittsburgh's music scene for readers all over the world. If you would like to browse Jordan Snowden's work at the City Paper, you can find it all here:

Jordan not only covers music, but also literature, fashion, entertainment, and more. In her free time, she can be found attending festivals, concerts, or nose-deep in a book. Speaking about books, Jordan also has a bookstagram! When asked about it she explained, "Not many of my friends read, so it's been a great way for me to connect with other booklovers. Since the start of the pandemic, I've found solace in it." If you want to link with a fellow booklover, follow @bohobooksnbrews! Jordan also has a love for hula hooping! In college, she started a club and “Hoop troupe” where she ran classes every week. She is currently working on recording tutorials to upload and share with anyone interested in getting started. If you want to pick up hula hooping as a quarantine hobby, maybe you should reach out to Jordan! She was happy to share a introductory video she made for a class in college, with great background information on hula hooping.

With her Quarantunes series, Jordan has provided a platform for Pittsburgh musicians to create and perform during this crisis. You can watch the Quarantunes series here including Lyn Starr's recent addition! Jordan Snowden's artistry is a huge benefit to our city and thanks to the Pittsburgh City Paper, she continues to share the music and stories of Pittsburgh musicians with the world.

Jordan was recently interviewed by Bored in Pittsburgh, another fantastic Pittsburgh music blog!

You can check out the entirety of that interview here!

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Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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