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Larry Neal: High Five Productions Featured Artist #1

"My fascination with the human form and various concepts involved with its illustration are the core themes of my work"

High Five Productions Featured Artist #1

For such a momentous occasion, we needed to get this right. Out of all of the incredible artists in Pittsburgh, only one will be known as our first feature.

With that said, our only true option was the incredible Larry Neal. In his realist visual art, Larry strives to dive deep into the human form, connective tissue, and emotion of his subjects. This doesn't end with the tone and vibrancy of the skin on the canvas. Larry is also mindful of the various muscles, tissue, and bone structure assumed to be underneath the surface of his extremely realistic pieces of art. When asked, Larry said "My fascination with the human form and various concepts involved with its illustration are the core themes of my work."

Drawing inspiration from the renaissance era and style, Larry then modernizes the themes and subjects featured in his work. In the above piece, entitled My Son, Larry incorporates newspaper with clippings that add a sobering tone to be a loving moment between a mother and son.

His resume continues. Larry is a gifted graphic designer, creating concise and appealing logos and designs for a growing list of customers. Including us. Accidentally. We had asked Larry to create a cover art for Lyn Starr's SoundCloud single, "To The Moon and Beyond" and when we received his final edit, a small addition caught us off guard. Larry had created this illuminati-esque hand in the sky.

For any brand, your logo is of the utmost importance. This is often the first interaction anyone has you. We can promise you will be seeing much more of this logo on your screens and throughout the city, so we have to give a huge thank you to Larry for his artistry.

To see more work from Larry, check out his portfolio HERE

Do you want to be featured as our next Featured Artist? This monthly series will dive into the underbelly of Pittsburgh art and bring recognition to some of the hardest working, most inspired talents in Pittsburgh. No matter your artistic medium, send us an email at so we know you and the work you are doing to grow Pittsburgh's already incredible artistry.

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