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Leila Rhodes: Featured Artist

Attunement begins in a very cinematic and nostalgic place. Think jazz club of the future, where the singer sways on stage and stirs the smoke hanging in the air. You know the backing music is coming from somewhere, but the spotlight is on her and she’s commanding the attention of everyone. It feels like she’s conjuring the sounds to support her voice. Then, as “You (Intro)” ends and “Inner Mes” begins, the lights begin to come up. You see someone behind the singer on the keys, then the electric guitar, then the kit. But somehow, magically, they’re all the same person. Leila Rhodes.

Leila Rhodes is a blues, funk, hip hop, and soul guitarist, singer, and music producer from Pittsburgh, PA. In December, Leila released her self-produced debut album Attunement. The album’s lead single "Principles" recently debuted on the radio in Pittsburgh (105.9 FM) and on March 23rd, she dropped a music video for her single, “Sunshine” featuring TyDanzuso. Just today, she released a brand new track “The Truth”, featuring the production of Pittsburgh legend Buscrates. It is available exclusively on Bandcamp! Leila has taken Pittsburgh music by storm since headlining “Pittsburgh’s Very Own” at Mr. Small’s Theater alongside INEZ, Sierra Sellers, and Simone Davis in 2019.

I was first introduced to Leila’s music when she was featured as part of BLKNVMBR, a month dedicated to highlighting Black R&B and soul music in Pittsburgh. I was immediately pulled in by the psychedelic trap production of “No More” but I stayed for the unquestionably unique bluesy rasp of Rhodes’s voice. Recently, preparing for this article, I went back and listened to Attunement in its entirety. It’s truly a masterclass. All of the beats hit. All of the guitar solos are sticky. And all of Leila’s vocals cut through the mix and drip with personality.

Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

I’m looking forward to Leila’s next project and just purchased her new Bandcamp single. You should do the same! Here’s the link:

Follow Leila Rhodes on the following social media sites!

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Thank you for reading.

- Ryan

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