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Music Review: “Tree Talk” by SAMURAE

How do you deal with the bad—stress, longing, regret? Pittsburgh R&B artist SAMURAE utilizes writing, music, and the healing nature of the outdoors as therapy. She chronicles such in her latest release, “Tree Talk,” a stripped-down ballad whose power is found in the empty spaces of the song.

Over a simple guitar and piano beat, SAMURAE bares her soul. Any other flourishes would have taken away from the song, distracting from the searing message. Her voice, which is burly and husky, breaks at times, adding a vulnerability to the already reflective lyrics.

“Mother Nature nurtures me / I talk to the trees / it’s my therapy / here I feel at peace / leave me be. There’s no need to worry / I align with my higher mind / leaving my stress behind.”

“Tree Talk” is a song that you will want to belt out loud, using it as your own form of therapy.

Instagram: @heysamurae

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