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Princess Jafar: Featured Artist

From the Princess Jafar Show to Princess Jafar's Instant Messages to Twitter's most retweetable timeline, September's featured artist has been hard at work for years in Pittsburgh, becoming a phenom bigger than the city itself.

As a recording artist, Princess Jafar has graced stages internationally. You can purchase Princess's recent projects on Bandcamp and wait in anticipation for her 3-Course yet-to-be-titled Food EP that will be dropping on the platform in the near future! Princess also collaborated with our own Lyn Starr for a song that dropped back in December of 2019 titled "Lunesta".

Believe it or not, this is only the Princess's musical body of work. Across multiple mediums, it seems that Princess Jafar is able to produce incredible content for her fans. The Princess’s video recording and performance art have been featured internationally at the European Media Arts Festival, The Gay Film Fest of Rio De Janeiro, Toronto’s OutFest, London’s X4 Festival and Berlin’s Pride Festival, as well as in San Francisco’s National Queer Arts Festival, NYC’s Porn Film Festival, NYC’s Bushwig Alternative Drag Festival and was a major recipient of artist grants from Heinz and The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. There is no denying Princess Jafar is a pop culture phenomenon.

Recently, Princess Jafar created a Medium series entitled, "Princess Jafar's Instant Messages" which finds her interviewing dope artists over text. As simple as this concept may seem, Princess's personality shines through in the interviews and takes the format to a new level. The first 'instant messages' interview with The Childlike Empress found the pair connecting over similarities in their lives, Grandmothers, and music. There have been two more installments in the series that I need to catch up on myself! You can find them here!

Princess is currently working on a telethon fundraiser for Lebanese Queers affected by the recent Beirut Explosion. Also this summer Princess Jafar began producing for Native Cocopah Tribe member Bae Lè Stray’s dragcentric YouTube channel.

To make sure you're up to date with everything Princess Jafar, follow using the links below!

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Haven’t had enough Princess Jafar? 

Call 1-34-PRINCESS for exclusive 24/7 unfettered access to Princess Jafar herself!

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Thank you reading.

- Ryan

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