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Quiet: Featured Artist

"I took a hop, skip, jump into oblivion. I tried to douse the flames within my filaments"

This time last year, Quiet burst onto the Pittsburgh Hip Hop scene with his debut EP, Yellow Paint. Although originally hailing from Watertown, NY, Quiet has found home in Pittsburgh and is quickly growing a following here in the city. Tracks like "My Vibe" and "Wave" off of Yellow Paint have garnered some considerable attention over the past year. He has performed at the Millvale Music Festival, opened for nationally touring artist Nick Jordan, and will be performing at Lynsanity next Friday, February 7th at Mr. Smalls Theatre.

Before Yellow Paint, Quiet recorded a seven track EP with Lyn Starr, aptly entitled 7 Sessions. At first, this was released solely on Soundcloud, but after obtaining sample clearance we were able to give it a proper and much deserved full release. Featuring tracks like "#StayWoke", "Hitditit", and "Kinfolk", 7 Sessions contains some of the most performed tracks in Quiet and Lyn Starr's discography. The most popular piece of merchandise that we sell actually came from the song #StayWoke. You can expect many more High Five collaborations in 2020!

Recently, Quiet has been experimenting with new sounds and his diverse skill set is on display in his new track “Bienvenue”. Beginning with a singing, earwormy verse, Quiet hooks you into his love story. After giving us tons of quotables like, "I took a hop, skip, jump into oblivion. I tried to douse the flames within my filaments", Quiet shows off his high velocity flow at the end of the track. “Bienvenue” is streaming exclusively on Soundcloud for free.

There is much more music in the works, but for now, you have to catch Quiet live! He will be performing along with Lyn Starr, E.L.B.A., James Perry, and Dejah Monea at Lynsanity!

Get your tickets to our biggest show yet! We'll see you at Mr. Smalls Theatre Friday, February 7th!

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