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Sakony Burton: Featured Artist

"Fear Not; Everything You Want Will Come To You"

The mediative cadence stuck with me. Above those words, in bold lettering, read Désir.

The artist, Sakony Burton, is an incredibly talented graphic designer from Pittsburgh. He has released over 15 fashion pieces in 2019 and has designed over 30 cover/album arts for artists all over the area.

With almost 10 years of experience, Sakony's most recent releases have been under his new brand Désir.

When asked to speak on his brand, Sakony said, "Désir is, simply, the game of life that we all engage in. What it means to me and everyone around me may be different but what unifies most of all people is the innate want to fulfill and touch desire."

In his most recent release, Sakony put out four different pieces; A matching hoodie and t-shirt, a sterling silver necklace pendant, an amazing embroidered piece, and lastly, this hand printed design cheaper than everything on my site, only available through email, dm, etc...

These pieces are top tier. You can find the Désir shop here!

More than anything, Sakony is excited about one particular Valentine's Day piece and another piece for the spring/summer that has been in the works since June (the polo pictured below). When asked, Sakony said, "I'm ready to enter the final stages of sampling for it, it's near and dear to my heart as I have a deep longing to make more than just hoodies and t-shirts, you know? I want Désir to be affordable luxury for not only friends and acquaintances but the world."

Sakony's artistry reaches outside of clothing, as he has designed cover art for tons of Pittsburgh artists including Lyn Starr's most recent project Universe 25.

You can explore his design portfolio here!

Follow Sakony and Désir on Instagram



DM to contact Sakony with graphic design inquires or contact him here!

Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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