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Shakara Wright: Featured Artist

"I wish I had words to heal you, Queen. To make you see this power and the sparks that fly when you flutter those eyelashes." - Shakara Wright in Blue

Shakara Wright is an actor, playwright, poet, singer, dancer, and whatever the latest project requires. Her greatest hope is to heal the world with art, creating work that asks audiences to search for the best ways to love themselves and those around them. We couldn't think of a better artist to feature this month, a time where we are all in isolation and the world need healing.

I quoted Shakara's work Blue at the top of the page. It speaks to healing and struggle. It speaks to loving yourself and those around you. Shakara's honesty shines through her work, exploring the human experience from suffering to sonneting. You can watch it in its entirety below.

Right now, Shakara is trying to make the best of quarantine. She is working on multiple writing projects. One of which, called Practical, explores fear, self pleasing vs. people pleasing, and pretending. Another project is the rewriting of Shakara’s first play The Black Ties. She is hoping to get funding to work with esteemed playwrights on this and elevate herself as a writer.

She is also happy to still be mentoring some of the ATC members, checking in on them and giving them small artistic endeavors to explore.

One of the events that we had to cancel this month was our Microphone Mondays open mic at the Genuine Pub where Shakara was scheduled to be the headliner. These are monthly open mics, so although we had to cancel March, we'll make sure that she headlines as soon as possible!

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Thanks for reading!

- Ryan

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