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Shaqui Shaqui: Featured Artist

"Somehow, someway, when we danced in that place, the look on your face said things would never be the same again."

I think I know exactly what that quote means. It's that feeling where everything clicks into place. When you are looking right into someone else's eyes and know that you understand each other on a completely new level. Have you felt this perfection with someone?

Tension immediately eased by a look?

We all chase this feeling in our own lives. Finding that person that you click with without saying a single word. Shaqui Shaqui has built his new EP around that chase.

Chase follows Shaqui through his time at college, going from party to party in his Monte Carlo. He starts the project off singing...

"My two door Monte Carlo gets me from point A to B"

But we soon start to realize that we're also stopping at point C-Z with Shaqui. We are along for the ride, party hopping in search of his love interest. We're there when he is discouraged. We're third wheeling on their date. As we work our way through the tracklist, we witness their relationship slowly growing. Ups. Downs. Tension. Resolution. All culminating in the beautiful moment that is the final track, 'Chase' where he affirms,

"So happy that this moment has finally come. Now I’ll never chase again, now I’ll never chase again."

Shaqui Shaqui serenades over top of dynamic production from TJ Groover. Tracks go from soothing to poppy with ease. The danceable ending of 'Monte Carlo' grows seamlessly out of a bass driven ballad. In 'March 1st', Shaqui Shaqui contrasts his angelic exclamations on the hook with a great flow in his verses. But more than anything, Shaqui Shaqui makes you feel every emotion with him. That is what a great storyteller does.

I have known Shaqui for years now. I have heard all of these songs live before they were ever recorded. I know the story. And still, every time I listen to this EP, I find something new to take with me. Shaqui Shaqui has put together an immaculate depiction of a blooming relationship.

I know because I'm lucky enough to have seen the look that says, "things will never be the same again."

- Ryan

Chase is available on all streaming platforms Thursday, September 12th.

Shaqui Shaqui's two song Party Hop Pack is now streaming exclusively on Youtube.

Stream it here!!

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