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Zachary Rutter: Featured Artist

If you have felt a little more love in Pittsburgh lately, there's a good chance you have seen this man's work on Instagram, at an event, or even on a Port Authority bus.

Zachary Rutter is everywhere. His influential '#SpreadLove' mantra rings out in every painting he completes, of which there are many. And within all of his paintings, he finds a way to incorporate the heart you see here on the #SpreadLoveBus. While Zach shows off his artistic skill, he is also giving us all a branding masterclass. His name and logo are becoming synonymous with the art scene in the city. Most importantly, he has shown Pittsburgh that you can build others up while creating your own following. And he just does it so. damn. well.

"I want to see a world where we all walk the streets as neighbors, not as strangers." - Zachary Rutter

From an early age, Zach has been fascinated with art, stemming from copying the covers of his favorite comic books as a kid. In turn, Zach's art is influenced heavily by the comic book panels he so frequently read. His specific influences include, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and pop artist Keith Haring. Zach's canvas is often covered in comic strips, which he paints over to provide his works with an exceptional depth.

Last month, Zach's collaboration with our team began, as he live painted at our First Friday event on May 3rd. His art was featured all around Level Up Studios and he stood front and center, painting this incredible work. The entire painting was finished and sold within 4 hours.

That night, we spoke with Zach about an event that we had coming up, Universe 25. Lyn was giving a pre-release listening experience for the project and we were GOING BIG. We asked Zach if he would be interested in working on the experience with us and he immediately agreed. In a span of eight days, Zach completed eight paintings to be displayed at Universe 25. All eight paintings were directly related to the title or a track off of the EP. When Zach's panels were finally lifted into the air and positioned for the event, we were blown away. With lighting design (by the incredible Harbour Edney) to accent the neon paints that Zach used, the panels came alive during the performance. All of the panels are for sale to a good home! If you are interested in hanging on of these incredible paintings in your home, please email us at to check on availability. You can see all eight panels below.

Through our personal experience with Zach as well as the reputation for excellence that proceeds him, we are so happy to have him as our featured artist.

If you are interested in what Zach is doing in the city, follow him on Instagram or at his website

Most importantly! Find a way to #SPREADLOVE in your community! Whether you are reading in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, live your life leading with love.

Thank you for reading!

Do you want to be featured as our next Featured Artist? This monthly series will dive into the underbelly of Pittsburgh art and bring recognition to some of the hardest working, most inspired talents in Pittsburgh. No matter your artistic medium, send us an email at so we know about the work you are doing to grow Pittsburgh's already incredible artistry.

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