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Music Spotlight - "sight see..." by Gho$t!

photo of Gho$t! performing with a microphone at Stage AE in Pittsburgh
Gho$t! performing at Stage AE - 📸 uknown

GHO$t! cannot be stopped. The PGH/LA artist continues to drop top-tier tracks and visuals with his latest, “sight see…”. Produced by fellow Pittsburgher, Zendé, this track provides the perfect backdrop for GHO$t! to unload some of his cleanest flows yet. He switches between a hooky “la da da da” chorus to fast-paced bars with ease. GHO$t! continues bending words to his whim throughout the entire track, especially halfway through the second verse. The hook for this one has been stuck in my head since I heard it and I keep coming back for more. All music aside, the video by Mason Luckiewicz and drone work from Jam Top Studios perfectly match the energy and feel of the track. Rooftop views of LA and GHO$t! in a Lemieux jersey is a perfect visual balance of this Pittsburgh transplant’s continued rise to stardom. Check out “sight see…” now on all streaming platforms and on Youtube at

photo of Gho$t! in a brown and gold Louis Vuitton hoodie, tan Playboy hat, gold durag, sunglasses, and a gold Pittsburgh "P" chain
Gho$t! - 📸 ForeverWEST

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